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Whether you are selling your accounting practice or considering buying someone else´s, you need to evaluate the cash flow performance of the entity involved.   You need to know for your own consideration and basis of negotiating price, but also from a lender´s perspective, how much debt the accounting practice can sustain and still provide an appropriate income yield to the owner.
Cash Flow A Cash Flow Analysis of an accounting practice is a detailed look at the past and current performance of the business. In light of a possible practice acquisition loan, it illustrates the likely range of debt service coverage ratios, which a lender uses to approve or deny a loan, plus it indicates the net cash flow to the owner which is a key figure in negotiating a sales price. It can identify important revenue trends and expense items which are actually owner benefits, clarifying the true net cash flow.
This Cash Flow Analysis will allow you to better analyze the accounting practice, possibly opening up issues that need to be explored in more detail.  More importantly it will closely estimate the amount of loan that the practice would likely support, so that the sales price can be readily realized with non-owner financing.
Given access to the last three years business tax returns and a current interim financial statement, and possibly some additional information, Coffman Capital will quickly provide this FREE SERVICE so that you can more effectively market your practice or negotiate with the seller of a practice you wish to purchase.  And with that information already on hand, making application to Coffman Capital for a practice acquisition loan will be that much faster and easier! Practice Analysis

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